Day Habilitation

day habilitation

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Lifetime Living, Inc. embraces all individuals and is dedicated to providing services with patience and sensitivity. We integrate our services with those provided by others in the community. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide professional services of the highest quality with our exemplary staff and our successful integration with community and institutional professionals. We strive to improve services and work to select the best-qualified staff. Our goal is for members to feel comfortable and welcomed into our family.

day habilitation

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    The HCS Program provides individualized services and supports to persons with intellectual disabled who are living with their family, in their own home or in other community settings, such as small group homes.


    The TxHmL program provides selected essential services and supports to people with intellectual disabled who live in their family homes or their own homes.


    The Community Living Assistance and Support Services (CLASS) program provides home and community-based services to people with related conditions as a cost-effective alternative to an intermediate care facility for individuals with an intellectual disability or related conditions (ICF/IID).


    The General Revenue Program services and supports provided in a client’s home and at other community locations to assist the client to achieve desired outcomes identified in the annual Person Directed Plan.

    Our Mission:

    “To offer the best services to individuals and families in order to meet their personal goals and achieve an excellent quality of life.”